The Chief Legal Officer for Your Business

Working with startups, serial entrepreneurs and small businesses requires a law practice that responds to the unique needs of lean and creative clients. At K Bennett Law LLC, the practice's core business model is to provide monthly, subscription services to clients that require ongoing legal support but are not ready to hire a full-time attorney. We go beyond a project attorney and learn your business, grow with your business and, when ready, transition your business to a full-time attorney. We are more than your attorney, we are your legal business partner focused on providing business-centric legal advice to help your company grow from new business to industry leader. If your business is not ready for on-going legal services, learn more about our flat-fee, on-demand services covering counseling and legal projects.


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Risk Advisor

The virtual Risk Advisor (vRA) subscription is designed to provide proactive compliance counseling to newer businesses. As the business' "Advisor-on-Call", owners and managers have access to a trusted advisor when they need her. Not every business needs ongoing legal advice, but every business needs to remain compliant while they grow.

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Brand Advisor

Structured for businesses looking to protect their brands and maintain compliance, our virtual Brand Advisor (vBA) subscription combines trademark guidance with compliance counseling to add an extra layer of support. We use our business acumen to help our clients protect their intellectual property and get a jump start on moving their businesses to the next level.

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Business Operations

Clients ready for strategic legal and business operations counseling and solutions choose our virtual Business Operations (vBO) subscription. The vBO responds to a client's trademark law, business law and compliance questions while providing on-going business-centric guidance to support the growth of a profitable and sustainable business.

People Operations

Our virtual People Operations (vPO) subscription is for businesses needing the ongoing support of a human resources professional to help guide employee and labor relations strategy and compliance. In addition to business-centric support, a vPO counsel supports the growth of an organization by keeping its people, a business' largest asset, at the center of its operations.

Chief Legal Officer

The virtual Chief Legal Officer (vCLO) subscription provides in-house general counsel services to growing small businesses without the $125,000+ investment of a traditional full-time attorney on staff. With this comprehensive subscription legal service option, the client's vCLO will handle all of the day-to-day trademark, business and employment law activities of the organization. The vCLO is the business' go-to legal partner and a key member of the business development and strategy team.

The Process

Subscription Services

Phase 1:
Schedule Your
Initial Meeting &
Kick-off Assessment*
Phase 2:
Select & Customize Your Monthly Subscription Plan
Phase 3:
Grow Your Business
& Let KBL Handle Your Business’ Legal Needs

Subscriptions start at $600/month*

*Prior to selecting a subscription, clients will go through a 4-week business health assessment to review and evaluate the business and provide guidance on the monthly subscription selection. The fee for the assessment review and evaluation period starts at $5000 USD. Special pricing is available for newly formed businesses and non-profit organizations.
Once the assessment and review period is complete, the business will select and tailor the ongoing subscription to fit the business' needs.

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What is a chief legal officer?

The chief legal officer is an organization’s head attorney focused on minimizing risk and supporting the growth of a profitable and sustainable business. As your company’s chief legal officer, we become integrated into your business and become a proactive part of your strategy team.

What is included in a subscription?

All subscriptions are tailored to your business' needs and budget. However, there are core services included in all of our subscriptions. These services include monthly 1-hour business meetings, unlimited consultations, document review (up to 10 pages), at least one monthly legal or business project, bi-annual business check-ups and action plans, and a 10% discount on additional flat fee legal or business projects.

How does my business become a subscription client?

We recommend scheduling a discovery call to ensure our services are the right fit for your business' needs. After the discovery call, we conduct a 4-week assessment and review of your business via an on-demand flat-fee project. At the conclusion of the review period, we provide an action plan and recommend a subscription based on the assessed and reported needs of the business.

What if the business' needs change during the course of the subscription?

We proactively review your business' subscription usage and, if needed, address changes quarterly. We believe that you should gain value in all services you purchase to support the growth of your brand and your business, including our legal and business services. If the business' needs increase or decrease, we will restructure the subscription to fit the new demands of the business, including suggesting returning to on-demand projects, when appropriate.

How does the subscription billing work?

We built our subscription legal service model to be an extension of our on-demand legal services. Like our on-demand legal services, the billing for our subscription legal services is 100% flat fee. We do not charge by the hour...ever. Instead, we invoice a flat monthly fee and complete the work within the projected timeline. Say goodbye to hourly billing!

How do I know if my business needs subscription legal services?

Subscription legal services are for organizations focused on growing their brand and business. These organizations value having a legal team member to proactively and strategically support the organization's mission, vision, and goals. If this description fits you (and your organization's leadership team), let’s talk and see how K Bennett Law can support your business.

How soon is my business able to become a subscription client?

We accept a limited number of clients to our subscription legal services program. If you are interested in learning if this service is a fit for your business or you would like your business to become a client now or in the future, please schedule a discovery call to chat with a member of the team. If we are unable to accept your business immediately, we will notify when we have additional openings for new subscription clients.

What if the business needs additional services above what's included in the subscription?

If the business has additional needs for services that fall outside its subscription, you can add a short-term legal project to the subscription, for a flat monthly fee, to complete the additional work. At any point during the engagement, you can upgrade the business' subscription.

How long is the commitment?

All of our subscriptions are on a month-to-month basis. We don’t believe in tying your hands or holding onto your company's money with a retainer “in the event” the business requires legal services. Furthermore, you may cancel the company's subscription at any time.

How often will we have access to our chief legal officer?

You can speak to your company's chief legal officer as often as you would like, with at least 24 hours notice. Calls are scheduled according to availability.

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