Your Business Attorney, When You Need Her

Some clients prefer to engage an attorney on a short-term or project basis. For those clients, K Bennett Law LLC offers flat-fee legal services, via on-demand counseling or on-demand projects, covering trademark, business, and employment law. Whether your business requires a strategy call to discuss a legal issue, a review of a business agreement or employment contract, the assistance of an attorney to complete a trademark application, or the negotiation of a business deal, K Bennett Law LLC is available to meet your needs. If your business is looking for additional and consistent support of an attorney, learn more about our subscription legal services for growing businesses and our kbl memberships for entrepreneurs and new businesses.

OPTION 1: COUNSELING, ON-DEMAND, starting at $200

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Asked & Answered Call
Sometimes you just need an answer to a business question. When you're in need of quick guidance to help you decide next steps, schedule an "Asked & Answered" call for a 30-minute business strategy session covering trademarks, contracts or employees. There's no need to wait; schedule your call today!



Brand Strategy Session + Complimentary Follow-Up Call
This 75+ minute legal strategy session provides tailored advice on brand protection & business growth. During the session, you will: (1) receive strategic, brand-focused legal advice on a business concern, (2) identify the current and future legal needs of your business, (3) and obtain initial guidance on actionable next steps to start, run, grow, protect or exit your business. Like all counseling services, if you're ready to obtain strategic legal advice, use the link and book your session today!

OPTION 2: PROJECTS, ON-DEMAND, starting at $2500

Launch My Brand

The Entrepreneurs Startup Kit to Launch Like a Boss

Level Up My Team

Team Agreements & Policies to Protect Your Brand

The Process

on-demand projects

Phase 1:
Project Kick-off & Strategy Meeting*
Phase 2:
Project Research & Execution
Phase 3:
Project Wrap-up
& Future Planning

*Prior to starting a new on-demand project, all new clients will receive a complimentary 30-minute intellectual property & business strategy session to discuss the business' goals, current concerns and establish project parameters.


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