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Some businesses prefer to engage an attorney on a short-term or project basis. For those business owners, K Bennett Law LLC offers two options for on-demand legal services: (1) on-demand counseling or (2) on-demand projects: brand protection via The Brand Kit or team protection via The Team Kit. For on-demand counseling, businesses are able to choose between business or legal counseling covering trademark, business, and employment law. And, for entrepreneurs ready to protect their business, The Brand Kit provides strategy, education, and the initial legal support to begin brand building via a trademark search and application. Similarly, as your growing your team to support your vision, having the right agreements in place is essential - - enter, The Team Kit!

For established businesses scaling from six to seven figures in annual revenue, we offer ongoing access to strategic legal and business counseling and support, without hiring a full-time attorney, via our subscription legal services.

OPTION 1: COUNSELING, ON-DEMAND, starting at $300

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The Brand Plan | $300
Sometimes you just need an answer to a business question. When you're in need of quick guidance to help you decide next steps, schedule a 30-minute business strategy session covering trademarks, contracts or employees - The Brand Plan. There's no need to wait; schedule your call today!


Brand Strategy Session + Complimentary Follow-Up Call | $1000
This 90+ minute legal strategy session provides tailored advice on brand protection & business growth. During the session, you will: (1) receive strategic, brand-focused legal advice on a business concern, (2) identify the current and future legal needs of your business, (3) and obtain initial guidance on actionable next steps to start, run, grow, protect or exit your business. Like all counseling services, if you're ready to obtain strategic legal advice, use the link and book your session today!

OPTION 2: On-Demand Projects, Starting at $2000


The Brand Kit is designed for entrepreneurs ready to protect and build their boss brand. This short-term legal project is designed to provide the strategy, education, and initial tools to launch and build your brand like a boss.

What’s included:
Brand Strategy Session (value $1000)
One Trademark Knockout Search (value $1500)
One US Filed Trademark Application** (value $1000)
Response to an Office Action (value $1500+)
Ongoing check-ins during the initial application process (value $1500+)

Bundle Savings: $2500+
Projected Timeframe
: 4 months

Ready to build your brand? Schedule Your Asked & Answered Call to decide is investing in the brand kit is the right decision for your business.

*excludes the USPTO trademark filing fee.
**note: the application process may take anywhere from 6 - 18+ months.

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The Small Business Owner’s Toolkit to Grow A Team

THE TEAM KIT, packaged at $2,000

The Team Kit is designed to provide the initial agreements small business owners should have to protect their brand while building their team. This short-term legal project includes three contract templates to begin your team building together with a brand strategy session to help guide brand development and growth strategies.

What’s included:
Brand Strategy Session (value $1000)
Non-Disclosure Agreement Template (value $500)
Professional Services Agreement Template (value $500)
Independent Contractor Agreement Template (value $500)

Bundle Savings: $500
Projected Timeframe
: 2 weeks

Ready to build your team? Schedule Your Asked & Answered Call to decide if investing in the Team Kit is the right decision for your business.

Not ready for legal support?

OPTION 3: Get early access to The KBL CollectivE

The KBL Collective is our new strategic coaching community for entrepreneurs scaling to six-figures in annual revenue. Enter your information below for information on our upcoming launch and early access to our community.

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