The Entrepreneur's Attorney

Our newly launched KBL Memberships are perfect for new entrepreneurs and business owners. Whether you're a DIY'er or someone that prefers guided legal support, we have a membership to fit your needs. And, as you grow, we can grow with you and provide customized services via our legal officer subscriptions.  Join the KBL membership and receive guided legal support to protect your assets and build your brand.

We offer unlimited legal and business advice, workshops, document review, and more for a monthly, predictable investment to support the growth of your brand and business.

Guided legal support to develop your brand & build your business!

Your Options

The KBL Memberships

Review our membership options below and select the plan that fits your current business needs. You may upgrade, pause or cancel your membership at any time. After joining, all new members must clear a conflicts check.

The KBL Protector Membership


Onboarding Investment // $395

Who is this for?
DIY entrepreneurs ready for additional legal advice.

What's included:
Unlimited scheduled consultations

One monthly business or legal workshop

One monthly document review
(up to 10 pages)

Annual business assessment

*members outside of NJ, PA, GA or NY will have access to trademark & copyright consultations only*

The KBL Influencer Membership


Onboarding Investment // $695

Who is this for?
Entrepreneurs with trademarks to protect & brands to build.

What's included:

One comprehensive trademark search

One attorney-filed trademark application

Ongoing guidance on trademark use and enforcement

Ongoing Trademark monitoring and USPTO maintenance filings

Unlimited Cease & Desist letters and Social Media Takedowns

*maximum of two trademarks
*additional trademark search is $695
*excludes report and Government fees
*members outside of NJ, PA, GA or NY will have access to trademark services only*

The KBL Ambassador Membership


Onboarding Investment // $995

Who is this for?
Entrepreneurs seeking proactive legal advice & support to build their business.

What's included:

One quarterly strategy session

One quarterly legal project to include a:
(1) business setup,
(2) trademark registration, or
(3) customized contract creation.

*additional trademark search is $695
*excludes report and Government fees
*members outside of NJ, PA, GA or NY will have access to trademark services only*

Members receive a 10% discount on additional legal services or products not included in their monthly membership.

The Process

Becoming a Member

Step 1:
Select Your KBL Membership
Step 2:
Schedule Your Onboarding Meeting
Step 3:
Utilize Your KBL Member Benefits


How do I know if the KBL Membership program is right for me?

The KBL memberships are designed for new entrepreneurs and business owners  typically within their first 36 months of existence. The memberships focus on providing a selection of legal services focused on addressing three core needs of your new business: (1) legal counseling, (2) asset protection, or (3) legal and business education.

As a member, you will have ongoing access to your attorney when you need her, for no additional fee. As a client of the firm and a KBL member, we focus on supporting the launch of your business and protecting your assets. If you need additional help on deciding if the membership is right for you, schedule a call

What is included in my membership?

Our memberships are focused on proactively supporting your business. Thus, you will get answers to all of your legal questions, a monthly document review, a monthly legal or business workshop, an annual business assessment, and more depending on your membership level.

How do I become a member?

Joining is easy. Review the options above and select the membership that fits your current business needs. If you need help selecting a plan, schedule a membership interest call to ensure our services are the right fit for your business' needs. 

What if my business' needs change during the course of the membership?

We believe that you should gain value in all services you purchase to support developing your brand and building your business, including our legal and business services. If the business' needs increase or decrease, simply login to your membership portal and adjust the plan. If you decide to cancel, your membership will end on the last day of that membership month.

How does the membership billing work?

Each month, we will charge you for your monthly membership fee using the account on record. All memberships are month-to-month. If you are experiencing problems with billing, please email and a team member will assist you.

Does the membership cover every legal issue in my business?

The short answer, no.

Memberships are focused on providing a selection of legal services to protect your assets and build your business. As a result, there will be services that are not included in your membership. For those services, we offer a discount on our competitive flat fees to all members.

How soon will I be able to join the membership?

You can join today, subject to availability. Once you join, our firm will do a conflicts check and you will have access to all member benefits within 24 hours. While we would love to add everyone to our membership, in order to provide our white-glove service to each client, we may limit our new memberships for the current month.

What if my business needs additional services above what's included in the membership?

If the business has additional needs for services not included in the membership, you can add a short-term legal project to your membership to complete the additional work. Additional fees will be billed via a separate invoice. At any point during the engagement, you can upgrade the membership or transition to a legal officer subscription if you would like to permanently increase your included services.

How long is the commitment?

All of our services are on a month-to-month basis. We don’t believe in tying your hands or holding onto your company's money with a retainer “in the event” the business requires legal services. Furthermore, you may cancel the membership at any time and all services will terminate at the end of that calendar month.

How often will I have access to my attorney?

You can schedule a call to speak to your attorney at any time, with at least 24 hours notice. Calls are scheduled according to availability.

You've gotten this far, BECOME A MEMBER!