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Ask KBL, Live!

Ask KBL, Live! is our weekly live Q&A series to discussing branding and business tips for new and established business owners. 

If you have 15 minutes, you have time to join our *live only* chat!

Join, managing attorney of K Bennett Law LLC, Kim Bennett, for a fun discussion and gain some business and legal education in the process.

Running a business is serious work ... but there's no reason you should do it alone!!


Should I join?

Entrepreneurs and business owners learn, create, grow and, hopefully, make money in their businesses, but they don't always take the time to think through the complexities of starting and protecting their businesses. 

Join Kimberly Bennett, of K Bennett Law LLC, for a live Q&A session on the legal and business tips related to entrepreneurship, protecting a business, and brand development.

This live session will benefit those who are:

  • thinking of starting a business, 

  • partners in a business and want to solidify their business relationship, 

  • entrepreneurs looking to protect their intellectual property, 

  • owners looking to make their first hire or grow a team, and 

  • individuals that just want to learn how to improve their business.

This live session is provided for 
educational purposes only. Attending the webinar does *NOT* create an attorney-client relationship. Ask KBL, Live! is attorney advertising.

Earlier Event: April 3
Ask KBL, Live!
Later Event: April 17
Ask KBL, Live!